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Table of Content

  1. New Product from SIMCO Japan - SIB, TIB, TIB-A, MF-2 and MF-3 Static Bar
  2. New Product from SIMCO Industrial Static Control - PinnerTM Superbar Charging Applicator
  3. SIMCO acquire Herbert Static Control and Chapman
  4. Our parent - ITW - named "one of the 100 best managed companies" in 1998
  5. Case Study - Motorola New Products Development Group
  6. Case Study - United Technologies Automotive

New Product from SIMCO Japan - SIB, TIB, TIB-A, MF-2 and MF-3 Static Bar (May 15, 2000)

SIMCO Japan comes up with new series of non-shockless static bars.  They are especially good for LCD manufacturers.

SIB type uses silicon emitter for ultra-clean application, while TIB type uses tungsten emitter for cleanroom application.  They can be interconnected to form various configurations for different applications.  Emitters are replaceable.  TIB-A is also pre-installed with an air-tube for decay time assistance.  Japan Sharp (LCD Plant) has adopted them as static control tool in their process.

MF-2 and MF-3 adopt patented emitter design.  With the assistance of the Clean Dry Air flowing inside the emitter and out from emitter tip, particles are hardly to build-up or accumulate on the emitter.  Therefore, they are Maintenance Free.

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New Product from SIMCO Industrial Static Control - PinnerTM Superbar Charging Applicator (May 4, 2000)

Effective immediately, the new Pinner Superbar is available for sale.  This product has been tested for catalog stacking performance at Fry Communications, Quad/Graphics, R.R. Donnelley & Sons, Perlmuter, and Quebecor.  Fry has already purchased multiple systems.

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Product Line Integration Announcement (Oct 27, 1999)

SIMCO has acquired Herbert Static Control and Chapman early this year, and put them under management of SIMCO Industrial Static Control Group.  Product lines integration have been done.

In original Herbert Static Control product line, only SE1603/SE1604 static bars and ION-O-VACTM System (Mark I and Mark IV) will be merged into SIMCO product line.

In original Chapman product line, only Static Bar (SM, RSM, 62R, and 5000H), Air Knives with SM bar, and ECS-200 / ECS-30 Charging System will be merged into SIMCO product line.

Should you have any question, please feel free to contact me at :

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Message from ITW Update - Fourth Quarter 1998 ( Jan 6, 1999)

In August 17 issue, IndustryWeek named ITW one of the world's 100 Best-Managed Companies.  Finalists were nominated based on their overall abilites and performance in a variety of areas, and selected from IndustryWeek's List of 1000, a compilation of the world's largest publicly held manufacturing companies.   IndustryWeek editors further complimented this elite group for "investing heavily in such areas as change, market development, people and society, given the approach of the new millennium and the challenges that will bring."

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Story from Evaluation Engineering - November 1998 (Dec 9, 1999)
"Solving ESD Problem" by Michael R. Hoogstra, Motorola - New Products Development Group for Motorola's Semiconductor Components Group - 2100 E.Elliot Rd, Tempe, AZ 85284, USA (602)4133975

Previously, they handle products with ESD threshold greater than 1000V.  When they changed to manufacture a product with ESD threshold of 200V only, serious problem aroused.  He finds that :

Flooring System :
With surface resisitivity meter, the data ranging from 106 ohm to 1012ohm in 15 locations.  This is caused by the old wax and dirt were not being removed before new wax was applied.
Their solution is to remove all the wax, clean daily and buffed one time each week. Finally they got 106 ohm throughout the manufacturing area.

Worksurface :
with surface resistivity meter, different reading is recorded from one table to other,  some data higher than 1013 ohm
Their solution is to replace damaged mat, and staff was given an antistatic topical solution to clean the tabletops weekly.  After that, they got readings between 107ohm and 109ohm.  Meanwhile, they trained staff to keep static-generative materials aways from the product.

Handling Equipment :
all metal conductive carts with chains already draging along the conductive floor.  When measuring the resistance from cart to floor by ohmmeter, reading is 0 ohm.  However, when moving the cart a short distance and notice the ohmeter, the reading jumped from 0 ohm to 1012 ohm.  It is because the chains has links which is very difficult to maintain a good connection.  Their solution is to replaced the drag chains with a wire cable and added a weight to the end touching the floor.

Ionizers :
The carriers used for some products required a Velcro strap to keep the product trays togethers.  When separating the Velcro strap, a static charge of approximately 5,000V was measured with a static field meter.
Their solution is to place a table ionizer 12 to 24 inch from the trays while the Velcro strap is removed.  Voltage measured after ionizer was installed was less than 20V.
When the equipment mounted the silicon wafer onto tape before cutting each die for package assembly, 20,000V were measured on the tape when it was placed on the metal ring.  Ionizer is installed, and finally only 20V is meaured on the tape.

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Case Study (October 20, 1998)

A successful case on implementing Static Control Program reported on EE-Evaluation Engineering (February 1998) (Internet :

Tampa plant, FL33634, USA, of United Technologies Automotive : "The Tampa facility supplies products to Ford, BMW, General Motors, Honda, Nissan, Rover, and Isuzu. Its major products provide automobiles with features such as remote keyless entry, automatic door locks, illuminated entry, memory mirror and memory seat, immobilization control, climate control, wiper control, and four-wheel-drive transfer-case control. "At UT Automotive, the comprehensive static-control program combined with other quality improvements has contributed to a growth in annual plant sales from $80 million in 1996 to $204 million (signed contracts) for the year 2000. "Static control also has played an important role in earning recognition from customers, including: Ford Q-1 Award, BMW A rating, Nissan Motors Master Quality Award, General Motors Supplier of the Year, Honda Motors Quality Performance, Delivery Performance, and Supplier Quality Awards."

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