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Aerostat AS-20 Ionizing Air Blower
(Manufactured by SIMCO Japan, Inc)

Designed for rugged industrial use, built in variable air speed control, and intake air filter is available as option.

Power Required :
Motor : AC 100V/1.5A or 200V/0.75A 50/60Hz
Static Bar : SK-7 or F167Y

Static Control Characteristic :
Working Distance : 700 mm

Air Flow Characteristic :
Airflow : 4.0 -12.0 m3/min
Noise  : below 73 dB at 24" distance

Other Characteristic :
Ozone Generation : < 0.011ppm (DASIBI Ozone Monitor Model 1003 AH)

Size : (W) 416mm x (D) 275mm x (H) 195mm
Weight  : 9 kg
Specification are subjected to change without prior notice
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