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Wrist Strap Checker - ST-3
(Supplied by SIMCO Japan Inc.)

Model M3 Wrist Strap Checker is an easy-to-use, compact and portable handheld tester for all types of wrist straps and ground leads.

Power required :
- 9 VDC Battery

Measurement :
Display :
- Hi, OK, Lo indicators
- Batt Check indicator
Range : (Factory pre-set and field adjustable)
- OK indicator will light up if resistance is :
   - higher than 0.8 Mohm,
   - but lower than 10Mohm, 20Mohm or 35Mohm (specified when placed order)

Case : White molded plastic
Size : (W) 68.6 x (D) 25.4 x (H) 88.9 mm
Weight : 0.13 kg

Specification are subjected to change without prior notice
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