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MF-2 / MF-3 Static Bar
(Manufactured by SIMCO Japan, Inc)

The non-shockless MF-2 / MF-3 static bars adopted patented emitter design eliminating the particles building up or accumulating on emitter tips.  Therefore, it is Maintenance Free.

Power Required :
Powered by power unit SK-4TM through 2.5m standard shielded cable

Input Air Required :
- Recommended to use Clean Dry Air
- Air Inlet : MF-2 - one inlet at end of static bar; MF-3 - two inlets at back of static bar.
- Air pressure required : 0.1 (min) - 0.4 MPa (max)
- Air flow : for bar length 500mm : 75NL/min at 0.1MPa and 185NL/min at 0.4MPa

Static Characteristic :
Working Distance : 50mm
Decay Time : < 1 second (1000V to 100V at working distance 50mm)
Ion Balance : 0 +/- 100V (at working distance 50mm)

Other Characteristic :
Emitter Material : Tungsten
Ozone Generation : < 0.01ppm (at 100 mm in front of)

Cross-section : (W) 18mm x (D) 32mm
Choice of total length : MF-2 : 340mm and 500mm; and MF-3 : 600mm
Weight  : for total length 500mm with 2.5 shielded cable, approx. 900g

Specification are subjected to change without prior notice
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