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Ionizing Air Blower - Aerostat PC-1 (Personalized Coverage)
(Manufactured by SIMCO Japan, Inc)

The Aerostat PC is small, quiet, and lightweight, yet compromising in performance (inherently balanced to 0 +/- 5V) and no calibration being required.  The built-in patented emitter point cleaner help to minimize the work of emitter tip cleaning.

Power required :
100VAC 50/60Hz

Static Control Characteristic :
Ion Balance : 0 +/- 5V
Decay Time : 1.7 seconds (measured at distance 0.3 m, from 1000V to 100V, according to EOS/ESD 3.0)
Effective coverage : (W) 0.3 m x (D) 1.5 m

Air Flow Characteristic :
Air Flow : 2.2 - 11.2 m3 per min (adjustable)
Noise : 47db at min air flow, 57 db at max air flow (measured at 0.6 m distance)

Other Characteristic :
Ozone Generation : < 0.02 ppm (DASIBI Ozone Monitor Model 1003 AH)

Size : (W) 179mm x (D) 112mm x (H) 247mm
Weight : 2.9kg

Specification are subjected to change without prior notice
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