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HP-EX Explosion-Proof Ionizing Blower
(Manufactured by SIMCO Nederland B.V.)

The HP-EX ionizing air blower has been designed especially for explosion-hazardous area.
The power unit is integrated in the static bar.

Specification :

Power Required :
Static Bar : 220V/50Hz, 0.2A
Fan Motor : 220/380V. 3 Phase, 50Hz, 0.66/0.38A

Working Distance : 100 - 1500 mm
Working Width : 500 mm
Cables length : 5 m

Explosion-Proof Certificates :
Static Bar : PTB Nr. IIIB/E-30 030, (Ex)s 1 G4
Fan Motor : PTB Nr. Ex-83/3218, (Ex)e (increased safety) (Temp Class T1-T4).

Weight : 13.8 kg
Size : (W) 585 mm x (D) 462 mm x (H) 252 mm

Specification are subjected to change without prior notice
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