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Ionizing Air Blower - Aerostat Guardian Overhead Ionizer
(Manufactured by SIMCO Static Control & Cleanroom Product Group, SIMCO USA)

The Aerostat Guardian Overhead Ionizer equipped with task lighting and diffusers at two ends providing protection to entire work surface area.  It features inherently balanced to 0 +/- 5V, and no calibration work is required.  The built-in patented emitter point cleaner minimize the work of emitter tip cleaning.  Heater is integrated for operator comfort.

Power Required :
120VAC, 60Hz, 2.5A max. (with max fan speed, light on and heater on) (P/N:4004063)
230VAC, 50Hz, 1.5A max. (CE marked) (with max fan speed, light on and heater on) (P/N:4004261)
230VAC, 50Hz, 0.8A max. No Heater and Diffuser version (with max fan speed and light on) (P/N:4004816)

Static Control Characteristic :
Ion Balance : 0 +/- 5V
Decay Time : 3 s (measured at 18" distance directly under center of unit at max fan speed, from 1000V to 100V, according to EOS/ESD 3.0 standard)
Effective Coverage : (W) 2 ft x (L) 4 ft

Air Flow Characteristic :
Air Flow : 150 - 300 CFM (combined 3-fan output)
Noise : 50db at min fan speed, 60 db at max fan speed. (measured at 2 ft distance)

Other Characteristic :
Ozone Generation : < 0.02 ppm (DASIBI Ozone Monitor Model 1003 AH)
Task Light : 13 Watt Twin Tube Compact Fluorescent (Replaceable)

Size : (W) 6.75" x (L) 42.75" x (H) 4"
Weight : 16 lb

Specification are subjected to change without prior notice
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