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Electrostatic Fieldmeter - Hand-E-Stat
(Supplied by SIMCO Static Control and Cleanroom Products Group, SIMCO USA)
(Supplied by SIMCO Industrial Static Control Group, SIMCO USA)

The Hand-E-Stat Fieldmeter is a compact, handy and portable electrostatic fieldmeter used for locating and measuring static charge potentials up to 19.99kV for either polarity at distance of 1".  A ranging light system assures accurate and repeatable measurements.

Power required :
9 VDC alkaline battery

Measurement :
Display : 3 1/2 digit with 0.4" height, Automatic polarity change, low battery indicator "BAT"
Range : 0 to 19.99 kV (+/- 5%) for either polarity at a distance of 1", higher voltages may be measured at distance > 1".
Response : Digital display updates 3 times per second.
Control : On/Off slide switch, Measure/Hold push-button, Zero Knob.
Output : Analog output at 5 Hz response, on subminiature jack providing +/-1 V corresponds to +/- 10 V.

Size : (W) 2.4" x (D) 1.3" x (H) 4.2"
Weight : 5 oz (battery included)
Case : conductive

Specification are subjected to change without prior notice
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